Our Mission is to:

  • Serve our guests with compassion and respect.
  • Earn their trust through communication.
  • Share their challenges and successes.
  • Enhance their well being and beauty.

Our Quality Commitment

  • We provide a variety of comprehensive services to ensure that our guests will look and feel their best; from head to toe, inside and out. 
  • Complimentary stress relief rituals, cosmetic touch-ups and customized aromatherapy techniques exemplify our total quality commitment.

Our Story

  • Que Bella Salon was founded by Paul Miailovich (Managing Partner) and Lorenzo Quiroz, Jr. (Artistic Director) in 1997. Paul and Lorenzo converted a preexisting accounting firm into a salon, working day and night for three months. They personally cut and installed the slate floors, upholstered the salon chairs and handcrafted the wrought iron chairs and stylist stations.
  • Since then, the salon has had numerous remodels, has employed over 40 people, and is now one of the longest running salons in the San Gabriel Valley. Next year Que Bella Salon will be celebrating its 20th year in business. Stay tuned for exiting news regarding this momentous event.


Many of you have asked if we are selling Que Bella products in Target and other locations. In fact, a few of you have emailed or called us to complain about the products. Despite the shared name, industry and even typeface, we are in no way affiliated with Que Bella Beauty, which is a UK based company. Please direct any complaints about their products to


We have used "Que Bella Salon" in relation to our beauty and personal care services continuously since 1997, whereas Que Bella Beauty has only been using the name in the United States since 2011.